Meeting Rooms

The Colfax Public Library provides a meeting room for organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual or charitable activities.

Meetings can be scheduled and held at any time during regular library hours. Meetings after hours must be approved by the director, an application must be filled out with contact information and an arrangement must be made with the library director for an exit key and security code. The key is to be returned to the librarian on the day following the meeting. Library events will take precedent over other events.

The meeting room may be scheduled at 6 month intervals. Patrons wishing to use the meeting room may contact the library to schedule meetings up to six months in advance. Responsible adult supervision is to be provided during meeting room use.

All organizations must take reasonable precautions to avoid damage of equipment, furnishings, floor coverings and other library property. Groups using the meeting room must leave it in the same condition and arrangement it was found and are responsible for any damage that occurs.